When it comes to wedding planning, choosing the right venue is one of the most important decisions you will make, as it sets the tone for your entire celebration. Will it be in a quaint barn, a beautiful tent, or an elegant ballroom? Each option offers its unique charm and possibilities.

At DJ Dave Entertainment, we have over 20 years of experience bringing musical life to weddings in all these venues, and we know what makes each venue special. So, in this blog, we will guide you through the benefits and considerations of barns, tents, and ballrooms to help you choose the perfect venue for your wedding.

The barn wedding

We know how charming and unique barn weddings can be. These venues mix simplicity with a rustic style that’s both warm and inviting. These are a few reasons you might love a barn wedding…

Natural beauty:

We love that barn weddings are close to nature and have a bit of history. Imagine saying your vows in a space with weathered wood and exposed beams, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Can there be a more beautiful and natural backdrop for your wedding photos?

Cozy and intimate:

Barns also offer a warm and intimate setting, making guests feel more connected and comfortable. This atmosphere makes barn weddings ideal for smaller, more personal weddings.

Historical charm:

Another great thing about barns is their history. Many have been around for generations and have their own stories to share. Choosing a venue with a rich history can add something special to your celebration.


Barn weddings can also be easy on your wallet. They usually have their unique décor elements like vintage tables, antique lanterns, and rustic accents. This means you don’t have to spend a lot on extra decoration.

Romantic lighting:

The right lighting can make a barn wedding even more romantic. For example, soft string lights and flickering candles can add to the charm and intimacy of the occasion.

We recently had the opportunity to DJ a barn wedding for Sofia and Charles. And there, we witnessed how the lighting and the barn’s cozy and open space made for a truly magical evening.

What to consider?

While barn weddings offer many benefits, there are practical things to consider when planning one. For example, some barns might not offer modern comforts like guest accommodations or restroom facilities.

It is essential to plan for these things to ensure your guests are comfortable—you might need to arrange extra amenities or transportation options for your guests. Good planning ensures the barn’s rustic charm does not mean giving up on comfort.

A tented wedding

Tented weddings are a fantastic way to create a truly personal and intimate celebration. They are all about customizing a space to tell your love story. Here’s why a tented wedding could be the perfect choice for you…


A tent is like a blank canvas. You can choose the tent’s size, shape, style, interior décor, and lighting to create a unique and personalized atmosphere. This means you can tailor every detail to make the atmosphere just right for your special day.

Location options:

One of the best things about tented weddings is how flexible they are. You can set up a tent on a beach, in a garden, or even in your own backyard. This means you can choose a place with special meaning for both you and your partner.

Unique atmosphere:

Tents can be decorated to match your wedding theme, whether that’s casual, elegant, or something else. The fabrics and lighting can work together to create a magical and romantic setting.

At DJ Dave Entertainment, we love adding special touches to tented weddings. For example, at Rebecca and Dustin’s wedding, we used uplighting in mauve (a bluish purple that sits between violet and pink) to create a romantic and dreamlike atmosphere.

What to consider?

While tented weddings are wonderful, there are practical things to consider. You will need to think about your budget and any local regulations. It is also important to be ready for any kind of weather. A good tent can keep everyone comfortable, no matter the conditions outside.

The ballroom or modern venue wedding:

Are you thinking about a ballroom or a modern venue for your wedding? These places are all about elegance and style. We at DJ Dave Entertainment have seen many couples start their lives together in these beautiful venues. They are perfect for making a big impression and creating memories that last.

Here are some reasons why a ballroom or modern venue could be your perfect choice…

Elegance and sophistication:

Ballrooms are known for their elegance and sophistication. They offer a refined atmosphere that’s great for formal weddings. You can expect a luxurious setting that will make your big day feel grand.


Another big plus of a ballroom wedding is that you don’t have to worry about the weather disrupting your plans. Since everything is indoors, your celebration goes smoothly, rain or shine. This means you and your guests enjoy the day, no matter what’s happening outside.

Easy to decorate:

Ballrooms are versatile when it comes to decoration. Whether you want something classic and luxurious or more modern and minimal, you can decorate the space to match your style. This is your chance to make the venue look just like you have always imagined.

Great acoustics:

Good sound is key to a great wedding, and ballrooms are designed with this in mind. This means your music and speeches will be clear and enjoyable for everyone.

Professional staff:

Ballroom venues often have experienced staff to help with everything. They can take care of the details, making the planning process less stressful. Some ballroom venues even offer in-house catering and event planning, reducing the need for external vendors.

Ballrooms are the most common type of venue that we DJ at. One of our favorites is the Groton Inn in Groton, MA. This charming venue offers lots to see and do for you and your partner as you celebrate your special day in New England. You can have your ceremony on a beautiful lawn with Gibbet Hill as the backdrop. For your reception, there is a cozy patio with comfortable seating and a warm fireplace for your guests to enjoy drinks and snacks.

What to consider?

When choosing a ballroom or modern venue, consider your budget and how much you want to personalize the space. The goal is to find a place that looks great and feels right for you, letting you create a wedding day that’s both elegant and uniquely yours.

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