Without question, the DJ industry has become more saturated in recent years, with more aspiring DJs ready to share their love for music discovery, mixing, and curation with dance floors. So… how can you identify a good DJ from a bad one for your upcoming event with so many DJs out there?

Here are four habits of inappropriate and unprofessional DJs that should help you filter some of the people out of your list…

They talk way too much

Every good DJ should know how to engage with the crowd. But what about a DJ who is talkative to a fault? You know who we are talking about… that DJ who not only makes announcements, but their announcements have announcements! While your guests are trying to dance, he sings along to the songs he is playing or repeatedly shouts hype clichés such as “let’s get it started!”. 

A DJ who talks too much risks making the evening all about themselves and ruining the event experience. On the other hand, professional DJs will say what has to be said to enhance the event experience while never interrupting the music. They are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. 

They cannot read a crowd

We believe that there is one skill that is more important than any other in the DJ world — knowing how to read the crowd. Inappropriate and unprofessional DJs usually only play what is trending on the charts, but that is not always what the crowd wants to hear. Unfortunately, one wrong song selection can instantly kill the spirit of your event.

A professional DJ knows how to read the vibe of the party. They know when it is going down and what they can do to control it. For example, if 90s pop-rock gets the crowd moving, a professional DJ will play more of it to keep people excited. 

They try to be the center of attention

What happens when a DJ believes they are the “life of the party?” Look forward to an emcee who will not shut up, cracks terrible jokes, and makes painful cameos on the dance floor.

DJs are not the center of attention in an event. On the other hand, they direct people’s attention to the more essential elements of the event. A bride and groom may be the center of attention. Even the music itself might be the center of attention — but not a DJ. A professional DJ knows this. 

A professional DJ contributes to the event’s success from behind the scenes rather than from the center of the stage. We are not saying that professional DJs are uninvolved in fun — but they understand their role in retaining that fun. They make it possible for your guests to interact with others and have the time of their life. They stay in the background until needed to keep the party alive.

They have low-quality music

Most rookie DJs use mp3s converted from YouTube videos to play their sets. After all, YouTube does have an incredible library of music. Not to mention how easy it is to download videos from YouTube and extract the audio — and it is 100% free!

However, most music on YouTube is terrible in quality — the vast majority is in the 128kbps range. This is enough for a house party but will sound like a nightmare for a big event. Professional DJs buy their own music from legitimate DJ record pools, ensuring high-quality sound files that are crisp and dynamic.

The Last Mix

The life of a DJ is pretty amazing. They get paid to play the music they love — enough said! Plus, the DJ industry is seen as very glitzy and glamorous by aspiring DJs. This explains why the industry is rife with inappropriate and unprofessional folks. Thankfully, if you keep an eye out for these four habits, you will be able to steer clear of such DJs. 

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