If you are hosting a party or private event, you may want to consider booking a DJ. It is not enough to just have an amazing venue with great food and drinks — you should also have amazing music to drastically enhance the event. And that’s where hiring a DJ comes in handy!

With over 25 years of experience as a DJ, I can attest to the fact that hiring a DJ can make a huge difference to your party or private event.

Transform the Event and Enhance the Guest Experience

Every year for the past several years, I have attended an incredible outdoor annual party in Hull (located on a peninsula at the southern edge of Boston Harbor) with 250 other guests. During the sunset, we would sit on a wood deck overlooking the Bay and indulge in some mouthwatering food served along with custom cocktails.

Everything sounds amazing, right? Well, in reality, things were not that perfect. It felt as if something was missing —music.

Since I have been a performing DJ for years, I told the host that this party could be elevated by simply playing background music that set a nice tone or vibe. I proposed my DJ services to the host, and the host agreed — and now I have been the DJ for this party for the last seven years straight.

After being great for so long, this event is now truly extraordinary, and the guest experience has risen to all-new highs. Why is that?

For all those previous years, we were enthralled by the venue, the views, the amazing food, and the great conversations. The exception was that there was no music, which resulted in a somewhat stifling silence. We’ve all been there, right?

In my humble opinion, music is integral to any private event, such as a summer party, birthday party, corporate event, or wedding anniversary. It sets the mood, defines the feel of the event, and can even dictate how people act. Music is one of those things that has an emotional effect on your brain.

So if you want to enhance the guest experience at your next event, hire a professional DJ! Their vast music knowledge can help you create a playlist that will get everyone up on their feet and moving around.

No matter what type of event it is — if you want your guests to have a memorable and fun experience at your event, book a DJ from DJ Dave Entertainment today!

How Do You Decide if a DJ is Right for You and Your Next Event?

The Headcount is Above 50 Guests

If the headcount is over 50 guests, consider hiring a professional DJ. The more people you invite, the easier it will be to get them all out on the dance floor.

If You Have Booked a Venue

If you have booked a venue, you might want to consider hiring a DJ. DJs can be your best bet if your event is going to include dancing and other activities that require music. Some venues will provide their own DJ services, but you should always check with the venue before booking one.

It is also important to consider if the DJ and all the party attendees will fit in a residential space. I’d give you precise square footage, but how much space your DJ needs actually depends on the size of the room, the amount of furniture, and if there is enough room for a clear dance floor.

If You Want a Special Vibe or Theme

A professional DJ can help set the tone and enhance the event if you are planning an 80’s party, tropical party, disco party, rock ‘n roll party or any other themed party.

To give you an example, we recently DJ’d an 80’s theme party. The guests were dressed in wild and vivid 80’s outfits — you know, those colorful puff sleeves, power suits, member only jackets, neon highlighter hues, and legwarmers. Staying true to the theme, we played 80’s music throughout the party — first for dinner with all 80’s hits, then later for the dance floor with the biggest 80’s hits that get people going, like “Mickey” by Toni Basil.

Let There Be Light

When you hire a DJ, they will come with the lighting equipment necessary to set the mood of your event. This includes uplighting, which can be used to highlight specific areas of your space. Uplighting is available in pretty much any color you want — for example, we supplied the 80s theme party with fitting colors such as hot pink, neon green, cyan blue, and glowing orange.

For more about uplighting, check out this post: What You Need to Know About Uplighting

Concluding Thoughts

If you are having a birthday party, wedding reception, or private event, and you want to create the perfect atmosphere with the best music, dancing, and lighting, then you should consider hiring a DJ who can turn your ordinary party into an unforgettable event.

At DJ Dave Entertainment, our team has played countless events, and we can ensure that every attendee is having fun. Our DJs know how to play to any crowd while staying on schedule and within your budget. From music selection to song transitions and announcements, our DJs are experts at getting everyone up on their feet — no matter what kind of party you are looking to throw.

Are you planning an event or private party in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island? An evening with entertainment from DJ Dave Entertainment will ensure that your guests leave feeling entertained and satisfied. Call (978) 254-1155 or contact me online to discuss your upcoming event or get a custom quote!