When Danielle and Michael walked into their wedding venue at Nahant Country Club Estate, they had a wonderful surprise. Their names were shining brightly on the wall above their wedding cake. And this was made possible because of our custom illuminated monogram service.

Now, you might wonder, “What exactly is a custom illuminated monogram?”

As you can see in the picture above, a custom illuminated monogram is a unique light display that you can customize for your event. You can have your names, the wedding date, or any special message projected anywhere you want—on the dance floor, the walls, and even the ceiling. It is a fantastic way to make your event feel extra special.

Our top reasons to get a custom illuminated monogram

Here are a few reasons why you should use an illuminated monogram at your upcoming wedding or private event: 

It adds a personal touch to the event:

You may look at a custom illuminated monogram and think of it as a pretty decoration. But it is also a great way to make your event uniquely “yours” and share your story with everyone there. You can do this by displaying your initials, names, or any bespoke design that means something to you.

It creates a unique atmosphere:

An illuminated monogram can totally change the vibe of the venue. Whether it is setting a romantic scene for your first dance or welcoming guests at the entrance, this stunning feature takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary.  

It does wonders for your photos:

If you want to make your wedding photos extra special, we could not recommend an illuminated monogram enough. A glowing monogram in the background adds magic to every picture. When you look back at your wedding album years later, you will not only see smiling faces but also this glowing statement of your love in each picture. 

It sets the mood:  

The soft, warm glow of an illuminated monogram gently lights up the space. And as the evening unfolds, it adds a touch of romance and whimsy to your event. Everything just feels extra special under its light.

It ties it all together:

No matter what theme you go for—classic, modern, what have you—an illuminated monogram can beautifully tie everything together. From your floral arrangements to table settings, it complements your decorations, adding a sense of harmony to your big day. 

It’s easy to install:

One of the things we love about these illuminated monograms is the hassle-free installation. When it comes to installation, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will arrive at the venue, find the perfect spot, and set everything up correctly.

There’s that “wow” factor:

Trust us when we say that these illuminated monograms steal the show. These displays bring excitement and often become the talk of the party. So, if you want to make your event stand out, you cannot go wrong with these monograms. 

It’s social media-ready:

In a world where everyone loves to share their moments online, this illuminated monogram is a social media star. Guests will love taking pictures with it, sharing them online, and tagging your special day. It is a fun way for your guests to feel connected and to spread the joy of your special day far and wide.

How to get the most out of your custom illuminated monogram?

So, are you thinking about getting one of these illuminated monograms for your next event? Here are some tips to help you make your event feel extra special with illuminated monograms: 

Pick a design:

This design should be all about you. Whether your initials, your name or names, or a symbol that is special to you both, choose something that feels right. Also, think about how it matches the overall vibe of your event—like, is it fancy or more laidback? 

The right size:

We’ll determine how big your custom illuminated monogram should be. Ideally, the size should be proportional to the space where it will be displayed. A larger monogram can look stunning in spacious venues, whereas smaller designs might suit smaller venues.

Color it right:

Classic white and neutral tones are always a safe choice, but why not play with colors? Consider colors that complement your event’s theme for an extra pop! 

Consider lighting and visibility:

The lighting used to project your monogram should be bright enough to be visible in the venue but not so bright that it overpowers other design elements.  

We’ll pick the right spot:

Where we set up your illuminated monogram can significantly impact its effectiveness. Thankfully, we have options. How about on the dance floor, at the entrance, or behind where you will be sitting? We will consider the event flow and where guests will be focused most of the time when picking a spot.

Check with the venue:

Some places have restrictions or limitations regarding the use of lighting equipment. Best to check first so there are no surprises.

We’ll do a test run:

From the clarity of the design to the brightness of the light, we’ll test it all out beforehand to ensure everything looks just how you imagined. We don’t want any “oops” moments on the big day. 

We have a plan B:

In case of technical issues, like a bulb burning out, we have backup spare bulbs, and quick-fix toolkit.

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