When it comes to weddings, music plays an indispensable role in personalizing the celebration, setting the tone, and keeping the guests entertained — so you will want to book a seasoned DJ for your wedding. Additionally, your décor choices will create a festive atmosphere and communicate the wedding style to your guests. How do you pull the music and décor together on your big day? With the right lighting, of course!

Think about how often lighting is used in our daily lives to set an ambiance or inspire an action. Think about film scenes wherein candlelight enkindles a whimsical mood or the rhythm of dancing lights that radiate excitement. No matter the wedding vibe you are going for, the right lighting will make it happen!

But what type of lighting?

When it comes to wedding lighting, it appears as though you have an endless number of options — from starlike string lights to baroque chandeliers to rustic lanterns to scattered spot lights. The variety of options can certainly be bewildering. Have you considered using uplighting, though?

What is uplighting?

Uplighting has become one of the hottest wedding trends in recent years. It is exactly what it sounds like — wireless LED lights are placed discreetly on the ground (usually every 4-5 feet around the perimeter of a space) and project light up the walls or drapes, creating a pillar effect of light. 

Uplighting can completely transform any space with the flick of a switch, making for a festive atmosphere that enriches your wedding photographs and videos — whether during the first dance, toasts, cake cutting, or dance party. Uplighting adds depth and sets the right mood, elegantly furnishing your wedding space with the desired “wow” factor.

How many uplights do you need? This is mainly dependent on the size of your wedding venue and the effect you want the lighting to create. The bigger the venue, the more uplights you need to create the desired effect. Generally speaking, twenty uplights should do the trick. It is also worth mentioning that some venues will come with pre-installed uplights — which is great, except that pre-installed uplights severely clip your wings when it comes to creative placement.

How much will it cost? Uplighting is an optional upgrade that costs between $200 and $400 — however, it is often included in premium DJ service packages.

Are you still on the fence? Here are five compelling reasons you should consider adding uplighting to your wedding. And while the following reasons pertain to weddings, they can be applied to any type of event, including birthday parties and corporate event affairs.

1. Uplighting elevates the appeal of your venue. 

At DJ Dave Entertainment, we have performed at some of the finest wedding venues in MA, NH, and RI. We have performed in old hotels, backyards with tents, barns, and historic mansions! So, if you are tying the knot in one of these unique and wonderful venues, what practical use does uplighting serve? 

When the setting is already spectacular, you may not think you need uplighting. But look at it like this — uplighting will highlight the unique architectural details (e.g., columns, windows, and ceilings), as well as the décor and overall ambiance of the venue. This type of lighting can also be used to elegantly weld together your wedding’s motif and the best of what the venue has to offer. 

Uplighting is also an excellent solution for venues where the existing lighting is less than flattering or even for outdoor venues where hanging fixtures are not a viable option.

2. It helps you skip fire hazards.

While taper and pillar candles are unquestionably charming, they can also spell disaster for a wedding! The open flame is not only susceptible to the elements such as rain and wind, but it also poses a fire and safety risk. Do you want that to loom large on your big day? Uplighting allows you to emulate the romantic effect of candlelight without the associated hassle or risk.

3. It is incredibly versatile. 

Your wedding reception will be a dynamic affair. At some point during the evening, the ambiance and energy will transition from romantic to festive. When your DJ adds uplighting, you can adjust the ambiance as the event swings into party mode! 

On top of that, wireless battery-powered uplights can be used in spaces where wired lights or candles cannot. Uplighting is the ideal lighting solution for your wedding since it requires no power source and eliminates tripping hazards posed by cables.

4. Uplighting allows you to play with colors. 

Sometimes, all your life or wedding celebration needs is a splash of color! Be that as it may, finding decorations that perfectly match your wedding colors can be a bit difficult. That is not going to be an issue with custom uplighting, as it can be programmed in a variety of different colors. No matter the color palette you have picked for your wedding, your DJ can tweak the color of the uplights to match! Crown your wedding palette with an amber or understated ivory wash — or perhaps something more avant-garde like a rose or bold ruby!

What’s more, when DJs open up the dance floor, they can switch all the uplights to multi-color mode. This allows the lighting to change color in perfect sync with the music, creating a striking visual effect.

5. You save your time and money.

Using uplights is a great way to save time and money. Both of these are extremely valuable when it comes to planning your once-in-a-lifetime event. Traditional wedding décor can be pretty expensive. Uplighting can help you achieve the desired effect at a fraction of the expense — so you can save money by knocking out unnecessary décor purchases. 

Traditional wedding décor is also a big time sink — not just in terms of item selection but also set-up and tear-down. Once the event is wrapped up, the decorative pieces have to be packed and driven away from the venue. Who wants to do that after a night of having a ball? Also, what do you do with all of that? Do you keep everything in your garage? Put it online for pennies on the dollar? Uplighting is the no-hassle, no-fuss answer to all of that noise.  

The Final Word

Uplighting is one of the most effective ways to enhance the ambiance of your wedding. When used strategically, uplighting can do wonders for your wedding venue — and, just as importantly, your wedding photographs. Combine this with its relative affordability compared to other décor options, and it is easy to see why it is one of the hottest wedding trends.

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