If you have a party or event coming up, it is important to ensure that all elements — the food, the venue, and especially the tone — work together to create the perfect evening. And when it comes to setting the right tone for your upcoming event, nothing is more important than DJ party music and entertainment. 

So what do you do about the music and entertainment for your event?

Sure, you can hook up your phone to a wireless speaker and play your Spotify playlist, but you may be setting yourself up to take the fall. What if the venue does not offer WiFi connectivity or the WiFi is painfully slow? Do you want to be the one who takes and fulfills guests’ song requests? What happens if someone needs to make an announcement, but there is no microphone in sight? There are a plethora of things that can go wrong!  

Perhaps it is time to consider hiring a professional. Here are five reasons why you should book a DJ for your upcoming event: 

1. DJs know (pretty much) everything about music.

This is an obvious one: a professional DJ possesses technical audio expertise and is familiar with music principles such as beatmatching, phrasing, gain control, and EQing, to name a few. This means they know exactly what type of music will work best for your event and what will not. They can also quickly flip between different genres (more on that later) to keep the party alive as the night wears on.

2. DJs have a professional music setup. 

While you may have the best home audio system for listening to music, are you confident that it can deliver crisp, clear sounds in a large space with hundreds of people? Most likely not. A DJ will have a professional music setup that will produce sound quality miles ahead of anything you have. Professional DJs spend hundreds of dollars — if not thousands — on high-end software and hardware, so you bet the sound quality will be stellar.  

3. Your DJ can be your Emcee.  

A talented DJ will get the ball rolling, and also ensure that the music pause periodically so that the rest of the event can take place. Most experienced DJs can also act as your event’s host, making announcements to the guests throughout the evening. After all, DJs are not strangers to being in front of a microphone and have amazing public speaking skills. When DJ and Emcee services are combined, the result is a polished, snag-free event that keeps everyone engaged. Isn’t that what every event host wants at the end of the day — or night?

4. DJs have a knack for making the crowd happy.

A professional DJ knows how to keep an entire room full of guests engaged and dancing by playing the right songs in the right order. They know how to design music sequences that flow naturally and fluidly with the evening and crowd — the result is songs blending beautifully to create an uninterrupted soundtrack. Their music library also contains a wide scope of genres (from contemporary pop all the way through to ’70s surf rock), ensuring that everyone is having a good time.  

5. DJs take the stress off your head.

Most events are jam-packed with memorable moments, making it very difficult to keep track of yourself. Because a DJ is often the person in charge of the entire evening, they can ensure that everything — especially on the entertainment side of the event — runs smoothly and provide invaluable peace of mind. When you book a professional DJ for your event, you can sit back and actually enjoy the special day you have planned.

Final Thoughts

There are many more reasons to hire a professional DJ for your next event. However, we believe the five reasons listed above are the most compelling. So, if you are hosting an event soon, do yourself a favor and book a DJ.

If you are looking for a DJ in the Greater Boston area, get in touch with DJ Dave Entertainment. Our professional DJs will ensure that your next event is fun and memorable. Call us at or contact us so that we can discuss your upcoming event!