If you are planning an event, a packed dance floor can be the key.

When it comes to packing the dance floor, though, it is easy to assume that all you need are the right songs and enough bass to rattle the walls. But it takes more than just good (and loud) music to pull in the crowd. You need an irresistible combination of the location, atmosphere, and — of course — a great DJ to really get the party started and keep it going strong until closing time.

How does DJ Dave Entertainment bring the crowd on the dance floor? Here are our five secrets to packing the ultimate dance floor:

We know what songs the crowd vibes to

A great DJ will know what songs are crowd favorites and which ones get people singing in unison and dancing. They know all the latest hits, as well as those golden oldies that always get people on their feet. Plus, a good DJ most likely has the perfect mix of high-energy and slower songs to keep everyone happy. Sure, they will take requests, but they also know when to play a particular song to get the crowd going.

It is easy for new DJs to get caught up in playing their favorite songs — after all, every DJ wants their set to be a reflection of who they are as an artist. However, mixing only personal favorites is another way new DJs can chase the crowd away from the dance floor. Guests will trust a DJ who understands them and what they want more than one that only offers personal musical opinions.

We know our music

If you know your music, you can play to the crowd and keep them dancing all night long — a good DJ does! A good DJ understands the structure of a song. Most songs have a verse, chorus, and bridge; professional DJs understand how these parts work together to create a cohesive whole. A good DJ will also always be aware of the tempo of a song and how it can affect the mood of a dance floor.

When choosing songs, a good DJ will always consider the mood they want to create on the dance floor. They also always have a few extra songs in case their first choice does not pack the dance floor like they thought it would. However, a good DJ also knows not to overdo it with their song choices. An eager new DJ may try to pack every song into their set, but doing so can quickly bore the audience and turn them off of dance music for good.

Setting Cue Points

There is one secret weapon that always helps us pack the dance floor: cue points. Cue points denote different parts of a song and help a DJ find the parts they want to play. Think of cue points as tiny flags that say: “Here is an interesting part of the song at fifteen seconds and another one at one minute.” If things get slow on the dance floor, all a DJ has to do is hit play on one of the preset cues, and everyone will go back to dancing.

For example, I have a cue point set at the iconic synth part of Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3X” so that when I start the song, it skips the first 15 seconds of soft, uninspiring hi-hat cymbal sounds and goes directly to the more lively and familiar part of the song that gets people moving. If this had not been done and the song was regularly played, it would empty even the most crowded dance floor.

Beat Matching

Beat matching is one of the most important things a DJ can do to create a great dance floor. It means finding two songs with compatible tempos and matching them up, so they flow together seamlessly.

A good DJ should be able to mix between any two tracks at will. For instance, if the next song starts out too fast or too slow, it can be quickly sped up or slowed down without skipping a beat! These skills take years of practice and dedication but are well worth the time investment for any DJ looking to pack dance floors all night long.

Key Matching

Like beat matching, there is another trick to ensure the dance floor is always full: key matching. By combining two songs that are in the same key, good DJs can create a seamless transition from one track to the next that will keep the energy up and the dancers moving. When done correctly, listeners will not even notice when the track changes!

Key matching is all about finding the right balance between two songs — too similar and the transition will be boring, too different and it will sound jarring. The best way to find out if two songs are in the same key is to use a harmonic mixing tool like Mixed In Key, which will analyze both tracks and provide a compatibility score.

Sequencing the Songs

The key to packing a dance floor is all in the sequencing of the songs. A good DJ will likely start off with some slower songs to get people on the floor, then ramp up the tempo as the night goes on. By the end of the night, everyone should be sweating, throwing their hands in the air, and having a great time!

Here are a few ways a good DJ sequences their songs perfectly:

  • They make sure that each song has similar tempos. That way, they will flow into one another nicely, and no one will have trouble dancing to them.
  • They determine what genre or theme the party is going for so that they can choose the right songs. Is it more hip-hop or house? Will there be kids? Do most people know all of the words to the lyrics? Is it for a birthday party or an anniversary celebration?
  • They don’t forget about song length! They choose shorter songs for when people need breaks from dancing and longer ones for times when everyone wants to stay on their feet all night long.
  • They know that variety is essential: there is no such thing as too many genres of music at a good party.
  • They check the mood of the room before they play their first song. If people are talking loudly or looking bored and unhappy, they might try starting with something slow before playing something upbeat.


As the official music provider at various events around Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, we know what it takes to pack the dance floor. Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event, or something else entirely, we can fill it with plenty of energy and excitement to make your event a memorable experience for your guests and ensure that everyone has fun on the dance floor.

If you are looking for a DJ that knows how to pack the dance floor, get in touch with DJ Dave Entertainment. Our seasoned DJs will ensure that your next event is planned thoughtfully and is fun and memorable. Call us at (978) 254-1155 or contact us online to discuss your upcoming event!